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Conversational AI makes psychological support accessible, cost-effective, available 24/7. Our conversational assistants can manage complex interactions thanks to a cutting-edge technology and a multidisciplinary development team.

Why Convforth

The best technology based on a scientific method, accessible to everyone but always respecting the privacy.

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from us

Psychological well-being is essential for everyone. Moreover, every person has specific needs based on their stage of life, on their environment, on their state of health. So, our solution offers a differentiated and modular psychological and psychoeducational support: a valid tool both for individuals and for organizations that have to cope with an increasingly higher request for attention to mental health.




Medical Centers

Sports Centers



Sports Centers

Medical Centers


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  • Medical Centers
  • Sports Centers

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The Convforth-zone is the result of three different professionals but with a common ambition: to ensure as many people as possible the right to mental health.

Martina Caccia


Psycholinguist, PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind, with several years in clinical research field and corporate experience in developing voice assistant technology.

Rebecca Barbanti


Senior Conversation Designer, a background in the humanities, with several years in the corporate world in a coordination role.

Francesco Sanavio


Psychologist and psychotherapist, member of the Italian Journal of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy and of FeDerSerD THE Italian Federation of Operators of Departments and Addiction Services.

Join the team

Noa: your Psychological Virtual Coach

Noa, our Psychological Virtual Coach*, can help you with a tailored support based on the Cognitive Behavioural paradigm. It is developed for those whom are experiencing a subthreshold to a mild depressive disorder, or going through a phase of hopelessness and it will be available both on mobile and web app.

Noa, your Psychological Virtual Coach

*Under clinical and technical validation